Our Mission

To integrate military and civilian resources into a central campus providing a more efficient and effective process for Veterans, Military members and their families who seek help.

We will:

We will:

  • Establish a robust referral service.
  • Offer emergency funding of therapies and healing.
  • partner with area agencies, colleges and businesses that offer employment, housing and skills training.
  • Create a safe place for women Veterans.
  • Establish an environment of fellowship and purpose.
  • Educate the community on the differences in military and civilian life.
  • Institute a follow-up system and track assistance so we can better serve our Veterans.
  • Market CAMPV at military bases for soldiers transitioning into civilian life.

The capital letter "V" in CampV stands for Veterans. We use a capital "V" whenever we write this word and we do so for a reason. At CampV, we greatly respect all of our Service Men and Women and capitalizing Veteran is emblematic of our reverence for their service.

Areas We Service