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ARMcomm Writing & Training

ARMcomm Writing & Training

The ‘short story, TALL DRINK’ book club & virtual membership
Platform. The ssTD book club is composed of military veterans-authors who are primary source oral historians and gifted storytellers who are using ZOOM to share their warhistory experiences with audiences in an educational and entertaining format through the platform’s member organizations for a low-cost membership fee of $100 per month which can be obtained at www.ARMcomm.net or contact Amy Gallagher directly at

Amy@WriteARM.org or 817.793.0945

With a short story in one hand and a tall drink in the other, a revolutionary, yet retro program
creates a ‘home’ for military veterans-authors via Zoom readings via the platform’s membership
organizations, including, restaurants, corporations, nursing centers, and other organizations where
patrons can enjoy ‘edu-taining’ experiences from those who lived to ‘tell the tale’ and for those who
were not, serving as a voice in both nonfiction and fiction short stories as well as detailed historical
accounts delivered to settings reminiscent of 1930’s ‘Fireside’ chats, Radio Age, and the TV shows,
CHEERS, where everyone gathers for the love of learning and relationship.

ARMcomm.net | 817.793.0945 | Amy@WriteARM.org | LI:Amy-Gallagher | UNT.Academia.edu | FB: The Write ARM Coach | IG: amycgalla | Twitter: @WriteArmRosie |

The ‘short story, TALL DRINK’ Book Club & Virtual Platform is the sole ownership of creator Amy Gallagher 2020.Amy Gallagher is a volunteer writer for the Communities Assisting Military Personnel for Veterans [CAMP V] in Tyler, TX atwww.campvtyler.org